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New event: 100% Carnival!

100% Carnival - the posterDid you know, that the word carnival is supposed to come from the Late Latin expression carne vale, which means „farewell to meat“? With the Vegan Feast collective we’ve decided to push this traditional festivity to the limit and make it real, ie. vegan.

You can look forward to delicious 5-course degustation menu in a traditional fashion, masks, competitions and of course the popular raffle. The event is non-commercial, it’s organized by volunteers and not aimed for profit.

We’ll be happy if you wear your own masks and/or bring some of your favourite vegan goodies for everyone to enjoy (there will be enough plates and cutlery on place). In the evening there will be an amazing follow up of Punky Reggae Party organized by BassSheriff Sound crew.

Saturday 4th of March 2017 from 15:00
Bajkazyl, Brno – Dornych 2a

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Veganské hody („Vegan Feast“) is a non-commercial non-profit event organized by a group of volunteers. It’s aimed on everyone who wants to know more about vegan lifestyle and who would like to find out that eating plant-based food is not only healthy, but also delicious. Of course, skilled vegans are more than welcome, to share their experience or just to join, meet people and have fun.

First two „big“ editions of Brno’s Vegan Feast took place in late spring of 2015 and 2016 in semi-public spaces. Besides all the tables with food, the visitors could have seen diverse programme: DJs, bands, workshops, film screenings and showcases of vegan cooking by experienced vegan cooks. Besides, the collective hosts some smaller irregular events, which are usually more community- and season-oriented.

The goal of Vegan Feast is not to feed as many „paying customers“ as possible. At Vegan Feast we want to break the distinction between organizers and customers, we want to meet each other and taste some good vegan food. We can’t do this without your help and your cooking.
If you’d like to help out, please contact us.